Houff Foundation

Founder, Director // Jojo Houff is a current student in the Sculpture + Extended Media program at VCU. She started Negative Hours during her Junior year at school. Her work is often lumped into the category of "Institutional Critique", but she is also interested in labor, exchange, and economy.
Production Assistant // Gavin Foster is currently studying Painting + Printmaking at VCU. He recently returned from the Middle East to oversee the Houff Foundation's international headquarters in Doha, Qatar. He served as a Sponge HQ monitor and is now the main contributor for Gouache Daily.
Human Resources // Brooke Inman teaches Painting and Printmaking classes at VCU and University of Richmond. She aspires to be the best artist + tennis player in Richmond's Northside.
Intern and Form Editor // Skyler Thompson is an outsider artist on the inside. He is currently painting in the VCU Sculpture Department. He is fond of rats and does not plan to move to Brooklyn anytime soon.
Board Director // Matt Lively has maintained a full career since graduating VCU with a BFA in sculpture in 1993. He works in a 130-year-old barn on his family property. The process, methods, and materials of his practice are smarter than he is. When not in the studio, he is teaching at VCU and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
Board Member // Matthew P. Shelton is an artist, writer, and teacher from Danbury, NC. He received an MFA in Painting + Printmaking from VCU and a BFA from Guilford College. His practice encompasses cross-disciplinary research and learning, writings, lesson plans, as well as object-oriented work. Matt currently teaches at VCU and is the Gallery Coordinator for 1708 Gallery.

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