Houff Foundation

Awarded by the Houff Foundation to Roxanne Yamins in Fall 2013

The value of the Negative Hours Labor Grant exists on many nuanced levels but can be seen as a basic two fold condition which feeds itself.

First the actual work required to complete this project - the 25 hours donated ( all of which were used) - was an invaluable amount of labor, effort, and time given to my ability to produce and make. Having a second hand and brain to complete the basic work - whether is was driven by a need to finish manufacturing to by a need to go find a given item / product - was significant in my ability to streamline my output. As referred to, this output is both the actual product produced but also the kinds of thoughts/ freedom of thought that I was able to achieve but knowing that other basic needs / requirements were in the process of being addressed by my grantee, Jojo Houff...[for rest of report download .pdf]